Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jumbo Jet Hotel

The Jumbo jet at Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden has been converted into a remarkable 5 star Hotel. Boeing 747 airplane is luxury hotel with modern rooms comparable to any 5 star hotels on earth. There is a bar, cafe, and many types of rooms with private bathrooms.
If you require a room with an attached bathroom, you’ll have to upgrade your budget a bit and demand for the awesome place in the jumbo jet also known as the cockpit suite. The suite contains controls for the pilot that is now not operable and the suite is also equipped with original sunroof.
The Boeing 747 Hotel is about a 15 minute walk from terminals, you can also approach the hotel from a free shuttle bus service available at the airport. Rates are cheap by Swedish standards—rack rates for a dorm bed start at 350 SEK (about US$51 / €67). However if you book through spot cool stuff you’ll relish a discount as well.

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